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Care Homes

We provide performances and activities for those with dementias, limited mobility, and other disabilities.

Music and the arts have proven to be an incredible tool for those with dementias in reducing anxiety and depression; supporting cognition, speech and memory, reducing the need for antipsychotic drugs, and fewer and shorter stays in hospital.

Our programmes for care homes are based on the Playlist for Life resources, and Object Handling, and all of this can be tailored to each care home and their residents' needs.


Playlist for Life

The premise of Playlist for Life is to help each person with a dementia to create a unique and personalised playlist. These playlists can reduce anxiety, improve mood, make difficult tasks more manageable, and evoke memories that can help families and carers connect. In using these principles, we can perform songs, guide residents through creating their own playlist, soundtrack, or music journal, and explore music through colour and movement. You can find more about Playlist for Life here: Playlist for Life Website


Object Handling

Object Handling is as simple as it sounds - we will provide some unusual and varied objects, and residents are invited to hold them and ponder some questions about them. It's all about being in the moment, so it doesn't rely on memory. It's about discovering and exploring something new together. Groups that do Object Handling have reported clear changes in mood, lifted mood, reduced anxiety, a sense of having achieved something, having learned something, and feeling rewarded by the experience. You can find more about Object Handling here: The Lived Experience: Object Handling

"The art of art, the glory of expression and the sunshine of the light of letters, is simplicity."

Walt Whitman  

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